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August 2018

Dear Friends of the Artic,

It's summertime in the Arctic... glorious sunshine bursting across the northern skies bringing light and life to the barren lands. But the beautiful summer sunsets remind us this season is so short in the Arctic. It won't be long until the early snows come, and fall and winter set in.

Arctic Sunset

Now the Inuit are busy in and out of their camps, hunting and fishing preparing for the long winter ahead. This reminds us of the words of Jesus to all Christians in John 9:8 "We must work while it's day for the night is coming when no one can work."

Good reports continue to flow in from the Inuit of God's abundant provision of caribou and fish, and His divine protection for their families out on the land.

Inuit woman healed by GodAlso, one of our church elders testified of her healing from cancer. In March when we visited Catherine, she was very weak and spending most of her time in bed. But her faith was strong and she still truly believed that God would raise her up again. Today, Catherine is free from cancer and rejoicing in God's wonderful healing-power. Now she is busy for the Lord and serving others. Hallelujah... He is a PRAYER ANSWERING GOD!

In Rankin Inlet, VBS (Vacation Bible School) was in full swing under the leadership of Maria and Violet... oh how the many children who attended enjoyed it! What a great gospel outreach to children ... several opened their hearts to receive Jesus as Saviour.

Happy children at Inuit church VBS

Also there are several outreaches, prayer meetings, and special seminars on evangelism happening this summer in Rankin Inlet, Baker Lake, and Coral Harbour. The emphasis is "souls for Jesus". In the fall there will be major soul winning crusades and we will keep you informed.

Inuit Pastors Joan & Bill at Baker LakeWe thank God for all He has done, but we feel passionate about reaching remote areas for Jesus! I have personally lived in remote areas, walked in Inuit mukluks, and slept in their igloos. I know how very much these gospel team visits mean to these isolated villages. Believe me, it is WELL WORTH every effort, every sacrifice, every dollar to see many lives that are radically changed when these dear Inuit respond to Jesus. But we need YOU, our faithful partners to again send us forth with PRAYER and FINANCIAL SUPPORT. Together we can reap a great harvest of souls!

Inuit FishermanYour prayers for the harvest are so vital and highly valued in these critical days. Also, would you prayerfully consider sowing any amount God lays on your heart to help us reach more souls?

Airfares are so costly now to move gospel teams around the North. (It costs a few thousand dollars just to travel to one or two remote villages). But God is able to provide, so ONWARD WE GO IN FAITH!

We are deeply grateful for the wonderful way you have already opened your hearts to this needy land. But until the task is finished, I know you will do what you can to continue this ministry literally "TO THE ENDS OF THE EARTH".

Have a blessed summer season! Pray for us as we also pray for you and yours. May the good Lord bless you all!

In Christian Service,

Kayy Gordon