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Our Arctic Ministry

Goals and Purposes of Arctic Missions:

  • To evangelize the Arctic with the gospel of Christ.
  • To teach and train dedicated leadership
  • To raise up strong local churches

The Bible School at Rankin Inlet offers an extensive Bible training program to prepare Inuit to fulfill God's plan for their lives. Since 1989 the School has been recognized by the government as a "post-secondary institution of learning", and provides assistance for Northern students who choose to study at the Bible School.

Bible School Application Requirements
Any born-again Christian who is 18 years or older, married or single, who desires to study God's Word and develop spiritual leadership. We expect all students to present a lifestyle exemplary of Jesus, one which will enhance personal growth, and show a love and concern for others. Please contact us for more information.

Kayy Gordon with a dog team in the Arctic

Kayy Gordon hitches a dogsled team at Reindeer Station in 1956.

In 1956 Kayy Gordon, founder of Glad Tidings Arctic Missions (GTAMS) launched her Arctic ministry living the first 16 months in her small 8'x 10' tent. Living in a tent through an Arctic winter (with temperatures dipping to 50 degrees below zero) taught her alot about Arctic life real fast! Just keeping warm and keeping clean were challenges, but by God's grace Kayy adapted quickly to her new life style, and soon bonded with the Inuit people, enjoying eating raw, frozen fish or muktuk with them.

In the early years from 1956, Kayy travelled mostly by dogteam and by snowmobile, reaching out to local camps of Inuit. For 18 long years Kayy dared to believe God for a Mission airplane. In 1976 the miracle happened.... Immanuel Church in Calgary, Canada flew in a Cessna 185 aircraft, and a pilot to fly it for Arctic ministry! Now we could span the thousands of miles of white wilderness to reach those "waiting villages" in the east.

It was GOD'S time... the people were ready and hundreds turned to Jesus. Many were healed and filled with the Holy Spirit and fire! Again and again we crisscrossed the barrenlands flying from village to village (about 50,000 miles a year), teaching and mentoring the new believers. Inuit leaders began to emerge in the house meetings and renovated buildings became churches as the revival continued! Everyone was rejoicing!

But as our pilot, Royden, was flying the plane to southern Canada for a routine inspection, a freak accident occurred... the plane crashed and Royden died on impact. We all deeply mourned his death, but by God's grace we were given strength to carry on.

Bible School

Ministry Leaders

Plane Being Unloaded

Another miracle happened, and we were airborne again six months later flying to many villages, evangelizing and teaching several short-term Bible School courses each year. The Lord was doing great things in many lives.

One evening Bill Goward, our pilot, did not return to Coral Harbour with four leaders and an infant on board from Repulse Bay to attend the conference there. After the huge Arctic storm abated, the searchers cited the plane wreckage and confirmed there were no survivors. The whole Arctic was deeply touched by this tragedy, but the faith of the Christians did not falter. They firmly believed God makes no mistakes. Many Inuit re-dedicated their lives "to finish the work their loved ones had given their lives for".

In 1985 we built a 22-bed Bible School Residence in Rankin Inlet, Nunavut in memory of those who gave their lives for the purpose of spreading the gospel.

Over the years the churches have grown, the leadership matured, and the Christians have grown in their faith and deep concern for others. To God Be The Glory!